Nutrition Challenge 2019

Lets get healthy

Here is what you need to do:

Step #1

Email with your name and email,    and mention you want to do the nutrition challenge.

then take the quiz bellow. 

Step #2

Lets figure out your BMI and calorie needs

Calculating calories based on current body weight, activity level and goals. 

or example, Let's consider a client who already lost weight and is now a moderately active woman (exercising 4-7 times a week) who weighs 135 pounds and is focused on weight maintenance. She would multiply 135 x 14 which = 1890 (Lets just say 1900). If she multiplied by 16, it would be 2160. Obviously, this is a pretty large difference. My recommendation is go with something in between the two, follow that for two weeks and assess from there. If you are gaining weight or maintaining while your goal is weight loss, then lower your calories and visa versa. BUT MAKE SURE YOU TRULY FOLLOW IT FOR AT LEAST TWO WEEKS. This means hitting your calories/macros every day for 14 days. GOOD weight loss means losing 1 lbs per week, so if you’ve only lost 2 pounds in 2 weeks that is GREAT, keep working hard and staying consistent.

Step #3

Now lets find out how much carbs, protein and fat you should

eat at each meal based on your body type and health goals

Calculating Macronutrient breakdown based on bodytype and general goals

A large part of determining macronutrient breakdown (how much protein, carbs and fat you need) revolves around body type. There are three predominant body types: ecotomorphs, endomorphs and mesomorphs. Each type requires unique macronutrient needs. For example, ectomorphs tend to function better with a higher calories and carbs. Their metabolisms are naturally fast, needing more fuel. Now, many people may be a hybrid of the two, naturally or altered because of their lifestyle. Choose where you best fit.

General macro breakdown by health goal

So now lets use your daily calories and macro nutrient breakdown to determine

how many grams of protein, carbs and fat you need to target each day.

Example of how to find the calories per day of each macronutrient:

Take your Daily calories : 1500 calories/day

Take your percentage of carbs, protein and fat: 20% Carb / 40% fat / 40% Protein

Find daily calories from protein: 1500 calories/day x .40 Protein = 600 calories from protein

How to convert calories of each macro nutrient into grams:

 In the example above our client is supposed to be getting 1500 calories per day. This client is trying to eat 40% of those daily calories from protein.


So, 1500 x.40= 600 calories from protein.

According to the chart bellow protein has 4 calories per gram.


Now I will divide 600/4 which = 150 grams per day.

So, I should be getting 150 g of protein per day.

You can divide the number of grams of protein your body needs in a day by the number of meals you eat to figure out your protein needs at each meal.

Step #4

Now that you have an idea of why your macro-nutrients matter and how to calculate your needs please create an account in our SWIFT mobile app where you can easily track/audit your nutrition, log fitness routines and message us for advice. Send an email to requesting access

Step #5

Once you create your account in the SWIFT app feel free to take advantage of a complimentary nutrition consultation. 

Topics can include:

- General Health Advice / Questions

- Medical Condition / Disease Management

- Allergies / Food Sensitivity

- Healthy Weight-loss / Weight-gain

- Sports Nutrition for Athletes

- Prenatal / Pregnancy / Post-Pardum

- Babies / Toddlers / Children / Teens

- Special diets ( Ketogenic, Vegan, Atkins, Paleo etc)

- Supplementation / Herbs

- Label Reading / Nutrition Education 

Step #6

Each week I want you to add one new commitment per category.

Commitment Category: Beverage Consumption Suggestions:

  • I will replace soda with water.

  • I will drink half my body weight (in pounds) in ounces of water each day.

  • I will drink at least 8 oz. of water with every meal.

  • I will replace sugar with a zero calorie sweetener in my beverages.

  • I will replace all my caloric beverages (juice, tea, soda, etc.) with water.

  • I will drink water immediately before and after consuming coffee.


Commitment Category: Breakfast Suggestions:

  • I will wake up 15 min earlier and prepare breakfast; no processed foods.

  • I will eat at least one serving of protein with breakfast every day.

  • I will eat one serving of fruit with breakfast each day.

  • I will incorporate vegetables into my breakfast every day.

  • I will replace sugary cereals with low-sugar cereal options (less than 7 grams of sugar per serving).

  • I will eat breakfast daily.


Commitment Category: Dairy Suggestions:

  • I will eat at least one dairy product each day.

  • I will replace my whole fat dairy products with low- or zero-fat dairy products.

  • I will drink one glass of low-fat milk with my evening meal each day.

  • I will replace my whole or 2% milk consumption with 1% or skim.

  • I will only have one serving of cheese per day.


Commitment Category: Fruit/Vegetable Consumption Suggestions:

  • I will eat no less than 4 servings of fresh fruits/vegetables each day.

  • I will eat vegetables with two meals per day.

  • I will eat at least two different colored fruits and vegetables each day.

  • I will make half my plate fruits and vegetables with at least one meal.

  • I will replace fruit juice with whole fruit every day.

  • I will eat a side salad with at least one of my meals every day.

  • I will include fruit with my lunch every day.


Commitment Category: Grains/Carbohydrate Consumption Suggestions:

  • I will not eat foods with added sugars (such as high fructose corn syrup).

  • I will include whole grains in my breakfast every morning.

  • I will replace all refined grain products with whole grains.

  • I will ensure I eat at least 25 grams of fiber a day.


Commitment Category: Meal Planning Suggestions:

  • I will eat 3 well-rounded meals every day (no skipping meals).

  • I will eat at least 3 food groups with all of my meals every day.

  • I will have a prepared and cooked dinner everyday.

  • I will plan my meals at the beginning of the week so I don’t resort to eating unhealthy convenience foods.

  • I will use a food journal and record all food and beverage consumption.

  • I will allow no more than 3 hours to pass between snacks and meals.


Commitment Category: Mindful Eating Suggestions:

  • All meals will have a well-defined beginning and end (no seconds).

  • I will say a word of thanks before eating each meal, showing gratitude for what I have.

  • I will make a healthy modification with every meal (i.e. baked instead of fried).

  • I will eat one meal as a family each day at a table, without distractions (TV, phones, etc).

  • I will only eat at the kitchen/dining room table when eating meals.


Commitment Category: Seasoning and Condiments Suggestions:

  • I will use sodium-free seasonings instead of salt with my meals.

  • I will replace creamy salad dressing with olive oil and vinegar.


Commitment Category: Snacking Suggestions:

  • I will replace empty calorie/processed snacks with fruits and vegetables

  • I will eat no more than 125 calories after my evening meal

  • I will only snack on vegetables after my evening meal.

  • Each evening I will prepare snacks for the following day.

  • I will limit my snacks to single servings every time I snack to avoid binge eating.

  • I will drink at least 16 ounces of water before I eat an after-dinner snack.

Step #7

Watch weekly videos, complete quizes and track your workouts.

Video #1

Quiz #1

 Video #2

 Quiz #2

 Video #3

Quiz #3

 Video #4

 Quiz #4

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